Case Study

The power of Synesthesia, in the new format of Senses dissociation in 8 different moments theorized and developed by Paolo Barichella.
The format creates a lifestyle to live the total sensory and extrasensory mood perception.

The perception of emotions and sensations in an ambience and environmental contextualized mood, produce the extrasensory experience.

The Sensory Design concept, was introduced for the first time in Fuorisalone 2008 for DDN performance called 6ento Senso

Following the  ASTI DOCG Experience in NY on 2009

Recently presented in Triennale Museum in Milan for:
Color Coloris Convention, followed by
Menz & Gasser Workshop and
McDonald’s Italia Dinner “Essenza”.

The method has been applied with success in the whole Lifestyle Design, implemented by Paolo Barichella for MSC Cruise in the new buffet deck mood experience.


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