Format and applications

These are the fields of application of Sensory Design:

• Sensory Dinner Experience Format
• Workshop and courses to senses education
• Concept Food Experience Store development
• Sensory Design applied to R&D and Production of Food products (How to Design a food product by sensory) sensory design as a working method on food design
• Lifestyle Design and management
• Production of reproducible emotion System
• Sensory Brand Guidelines

Sensory Dinner 5 senses in 8 moments + Extrasensory fact
Cene sensoriali 5 sensi in 8 momenti + elemento Extrasensoriale

Creates with senses and Synesthesia – Sensory Workshop
Creare con i sensi e la sinestesia – Workshop sensoriale

Sensory Brand Guidelines (from the best practice to the rules)
Il logo sensoriale e il manuale sensoriale (dalle buone pratiche alle regole)

“Create with senses, generate over the senses”
“Creare con i Sensi, generare oltre i sensi”

The taste and flavor of the creativity
Il gusto e sapore della creatività, 


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